Friday, January 14, 2011

Words of Wisdom

As a birthright madrich (leader) it is my passion to educate, mentor and inspire my participants. But it is more often than not that it is my participants who inspire and teach me. 

Following tragic news Natalie Roz, a participant of mine wrote these powerful and moving words: 

"Having met the soldiers in Israel I really hope it gave everyone a perspective into a different world. We were fortunate enough to meet 8 incredible soldiers. I personally connected really well with Daniel Raz who is currently serving in the Hevron (West Bank). Yesterday there was an exchange of fire between the Gaza Strip and Israel. Daniel's best friend fell in this exchange fire. He was also 20 years old. Nadav Rotenberg died trying to protect the Jewish people, his homeland- The state of Israel.

He just like me and you, had hopes, dreams, plans for the future. Has a mother, a father , a sister and two brothers waiting for him to return home. Has friends that all love him very much. But he will no longer be able to be a part of their life. He gave his life for the sole purpose of protecting all those he loves and cares most about.

We are so fortunate to be living in Canada. A country at peace with its neighbours, please never forget that. Please kindly take a second out of your day to realize that yet another soldier as young as 20 has been buried in another Israeli cemetery. This is not the end... this is not even the middle...

As a Jew you have an obligation to your fellow Jews. Never forget where you're from and who/what it took to get you here. As you and I return home and are faced to deal with our realities. The soldiers we met, are forced to return and deal with theirs.

My thoughts and prayers are with Daniel and the Rotenberg family."

Some comments from the group to which Daniel Raz responded:

"Hey guys! A huge thank you from me and his family. They also wanted to say that they are happy his name got so far to Canada and his story will be told. We are not taking that for granted.. Thank you all!"

    • Emma Tiffin mine too.
      January 9 at 5:38pm · 
    • Julie Weisz gum ani. As are mine.
      January 9 at 5:39pm · 
    • Tammy Rosner My love goes out to you, Daniel.
      January 9 at 5:47pm · 
    • Daniel Avner R.I.P.
      January 9 at 5:57pm · 
    • Betsy K. thank you to all the soldiers who fight to keep us safe
      January 9 at 6:31pm · 
    • Jamie Matin so sorry Daniel
      January 9 at 7:00pm · 
    • Samantha Leviston my deepest sympathies go out to Nadav's friends and family.
      January 9 at 7:15pm · 
    • Sharon Rachel Terner I'm so sorry Daniel. My condolences. I hope you are alright. We are always here for u. We're all family now, so if u ever need us we're a fb msg, phone call away!
      January 9 at 8:30pm · 
    • Daniel Galperin I hope, for the sake of all the soldiers currently in the IDF and those that will be, that this kind of event does not repeat itself, and that everyone who knew Nadav could continue on with their lives after this.
      January 9 at 10:00pm · 
    • Ben Buiumovici Mesteac─ân My deepest sympathies. I'm sick of our soldiers dieing needlessly. They are doing the bravest and most noble thing in the world.
      January 9 at 10:03pm · 
    • Elise Loterman Baruch Dayan Emet.
      January 9 at 11:43pm · 
    • Stefanie Shatsky rest in peace ♥
      January 10 at 12:35am · 
    • Hadara Gill Yashar Koach, Natalie. Your words are heart warming.
      January 10 at 3:55am ·  ·  3 people
    • Dean Medina Thank you Natalie for these words
      January 10 at 9:35am · 
    • Lauren Kaufman rest in peace
      January 10 at 10:49am · 

    • Adi Ginzburg rest in peace
      January 10 at 3:23pm · 
    • Shanelle Goodman R.I.P.
      January 10 at 3:49pm · 

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