Friday, February 11, 2011

Designer M.O.T. (members of the tribe)

Written by Alana Kayfetz:

Did you know that some of the biggest designers in fashion are MOTs ( Members of the Tribe?)

Kenneth Cole

Marc Jacobs

Michael Kors

These Jewish guys are just a small sample of the achievements of the leaders in the fashion industry
Here are some more gurus of Fashion, but they got their start locally! Lets see some home grown talent..... 
Dov Cherny, American Appeal


Joe Mimran- Toronto, Joe Fresh

Michael Budman and Don Green-Roots

Are you in the fashion industry and have not been to Israel before on an organized trip? This could be the perfect fit!*
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Do you think you have what it takes to be the next big Jewish name in Fashion? Canadian Jewry has had amazing success within the Fashion Industry!
 Taglit-Birthright Israel: CIE FashionEast (Ages 18-26) - Israeli fine art and culture converge here: FashionEast.  FashionEast is an opportunity that will explore the Israeli fashion industry.  Israel is on the cutting edge of fashion and design and participants will have the opportunity to learn firsthand about Israel's thriving industry and what it has to offer.  FashionEast will offer a new framework for Israelis and Canadians to partner, learn and grow as Jews and designers.  By fostering relationships in Israel and with other Canadians, the itinerary will touch on the historical and modern development of Israeli culture, fashion and design.  This tour will give you the best of Israel culturally and educationally: tour the historic Old City, experience Masada, hike the Golan Heights, raft down the Jordan River, spend the night in the desert at the Bedouin tents, visit the mystical city of Tzvat, party in Israeli nightclubs and MUCH MORE!  As a participant of FashionEast, you will leave Israel with practical knowledge and inspiration that will forever change your career and life.  Please note this trip is ONLY open to those who have graduated from or are currently working or studying in one of the following industries: fashion, design, journalism, brand management, photography, buying/retail, multimedia, make-up/hair, modeling, clothing and jewelry design.  Two mandatory interviews will be conducted for each interested applicant. REGISTRATION OPEN Tuesday February 15, 2011 at 10 a.m. for first time applicants!

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