Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shmatta Chic: BAC 2 Fashion 2011

Written by: Dave Goodman

I don't often have the opportunity to work on projects that are trendy as they are relevant, but my experiences over the past 8 months in rolling out our 2011 BAC2Fashion initiative surprised our community's biggest  When exploring ways to bring attention to our cause (providing hope for vulnerable Jewish seniors living in isolation or below the poverty line in Toronto) one would often not turn to song and dance.  I must say, executing my first ever 'flashmob' was a turning point that took this B2F 2011 from good to great in under one week.  Further, using it as a gag on my dad, grandmother and brother to seed on the internet for 40,000+ to see, took it from great to stellar.

The fact that a beloved local eatery, United Bakers Restaurant, generated some great PR out of our marketing gimmick was sweet, but selling out our show the week before we took to the catwalk made us blush.  Then we realize that we oversold by 120 seats based on the original floor plan, and our blush turned to sweat.  "Selling out is never a bad problem to have" our title sponsor and co-Founder of Magen Boys Entertainment, Jian told me.  We had 352 people slated to come out on June 16th to the LEED Gold Certified - Artscape Wychwood Barns after crushing our fundraising goal and grossing over $36,000 by showtime!!


Twelve Toronto-based Jewish designers and/or clothing stores showcased their fashion on over 35 young Jewish adult model volunteers.  5 different dance routines gave our fashion show a unique twist that provided a change of pace while also giving some incredible local dance talent their time to shine.  The event has been covered by our community's media outlets: ShalomLife, Friday Night Magazine, and the CJN.  We were thrilled to see coverage in the Toronto Star as well, and how can you blame the majors for finally deciding to cover the CoCo scene - we had some serious talent on board:

EK, founder of her own line and the hit-blog sensation that is sweeping the globe, The Coveteur, made her second appearance in BAC2Fashion in as many years!

Jay Godfrey, NYC designer born and raised in TO and stylist to the stars showed his lines in B2F for the second straight year.  Thank you Jay!
Laura Fine (right), is a prime example of a volunteer that gives back to our Jewish community while her designs are beginning to turn heads on the runway, demonstrating B2F's theme, inter-generational influence in the fashion and garment industry.

I would be remiss not to recognize the catalysts behind this entire operation, our volunteer chairs that put in countless hours of work, creativity and passion into this initiative.  Jess Taylor, Raquel Binder, Lisa Steele and Julie Goldstein provided the lead for a cast of volunteer models, dancers and dozens of volunteer organizing committee members that all own a piece of B2F's success that helped create change and make our community stronger than I have ever known it to be.  Kol Ha'kavod to the inspiring effort by our volunteers!

L-R: Mel Zeller (UJA's CoCo), Lisa Steele, Raquel Binder, Julie Goldstein, Jessica Taylor and Dave Goodman (UJA's CoCo)
A big THANK YOU is due to all event sponsors, event program donors, event attendees and community corporate partners that allowed us to do what we did on a very tight budget.  Knowing that we can channel a great portion of our fundraising efforts to the cause because of your generosity is a testament to your spirit of tzedek and your confidence in our work.

For more information about how you can better the lives of Jewish seniors in Toronto, please do not hesitate to contact me by email:)

*All B2F Event Photos taken by: Giordano Ciampini


  1. You should all be very proud!

    Mazel tov,

    Ronda and Michael Taylor

  2. wow - what a great bunch of kids - so inspiring.. way to go - keep up the great work!!!

  3. Thank you ladies! We could not have pulled it off without your support. If we can achieve this as kids, I cannot wait to see what we can do as adults!