Friday, July 1, 2011

The site that tells you all the little things about yourself.

by Yehezkel 

I’m new  here to CoCO (Community Connect). I am an Intern here for two months. While I am here I manage all of CoCo’s social media initiatives. So you can imagine, I am on the net all day. And while searching  the internet, I find pretty cool things. The most spectacular thing that has caught my attention so far is something I must share with you. It came to my attention via our director, Shauna. This site is one of the new loves of my life. It’s called 
"Stuff Jewish Young Adults Like”. You must check this out. You will be addicted in no time. Let’s pick a few goodies from the site. I love this one: #115 Crashing AEPi Events.

 It’s too good. It seems so true. I hear about a lot of my friends going to all these AEPi parties to do just that... hang out with the ladies... or the fraternity men just like the site says. Or take #78 Assuming the Worst

I remember my high school buddies constantly assuming the worst: “I am going to fail this test!”. Or being just really scared about university applications. Come on guys, a little bit of optimism goes a long way. But my favourite... my favourite is: #116 The Flat Iron. Oh... this one is scrumptious. Okay girls, you know you are constantly flat ironing your hair for all these parties, get togethers or just everyday life. And guys... doesn’t it seem a little funny how there isn’t one hair out of place on women? Stuff Jewish Young Adults like says that Jewish women do it to impress Jewish guys. Is that true girls? Comment below!

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  1. there is no way girls are doing their hair up nice for me...

  2. Maybe? You never know? I thoroughly trust