Friday, December 10, 2010

Eight Nights Highlights

By: Dean Medina
SoCalled rocked the House @ Mod Club

Alana Kayfetz comes in peace @ SoCalled

Saturday Night we jam-packed LOL Resto Lounge with over 400 Jews from all over T.O. for our annual Chanukah Party!!!

Beautiful people abound!

Community Connect came to represent

Our very own Andy Lucacescu and his band The Apollo Effect blew us all away!

One Fell Swoop followed

As I said, the place was PACKED

Booze, music and good times 

We slowed things down Tuesday night with Latka making... Check out this sizzle: 

All about the people! 

Lending a helping hand

Squeeze that potato ball!!! 

We also celebrated a couple of birthdays. Only got the last couple of seconds though :p

We finished off the craziness with the first of it's kind Games Night @ JUMP

 Go Sparky!!! 

I really wanted the girl to win

What an AMAZING Chanukah


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