Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tis the season: The best of Hanukkah gifts!

Written by: Alana Kayfetz

Tis the season of Jewish gift giving! Hanukkah is my favorite time of year. Judah Maccabee, the rockstar of the Hunukkah story, gave the gift of reclaiming worship in the temple. I am inspired by Judah Maccabee to out gift, out wrap and out present the best gift givers around. I enjoy giving gifts to strangers as well as close friends.  Hanukkah puts people in the gift giving mood- this is why I love toy drives for the holidays. I was blown away this past weekend when I received a massive donation of toys for the Driedel Drive:

Donations to Jewish Family and Child Services from Jake Gigantic Give!
When it comes to personal gifting, I take pride that I have known someone well enough to create joy in their life with a simple present. This is facilitated through the thoughtfulness of an item I have selected for their pleasure. As a child, I had a habit of giving my friends my toys- It is a running sibling joke that I had to buy my friends in kindergarten. The truth is that gift giving is an art.  Here is some of the highlights from our office Hanukkah Harry $10 gift Exchange:

Shirs received Bay Mittens ( from me!) 
Check out Dave's New Bride/Groom flip flops (Great Job Lior!)

Ali knows Mel well enough to give her the greatest gift of all: an express Manicure!

Lior is very excited about his gift card to Starbucks ( Dave, I assure you is a better gift giver than this, but he was busy proposing over the weekend. David, you are excused.)

Ali is smiling big with her fish from Dean - Enough said! 

Photo not available
Dean received an amazing Office survival kit filled with candies and Advil! Great gift Shira!
A gift that keeps on giving- Mel surprised me with Jelly Beans. Great for sharing in the office!
When you are doing your gift shopping, remember that a gift it more about the thought than the item. Judah Maccabee was a leader amongst the Jewish people. You can be a leader too by giving the gift of Hanukkah.  Remember to live generously this holiday season! There are tons of kids that go without Hanukkah gifts. You can help out by donating to Jewish Family and Child Services.  

Gift cards and monetary donations are especially needed and should be delivered/mailed to: Leah Marmer | JF&CS | 4600 Bathurst St., 1st Floor | M2R 3V3 For more information please call 416.638.7800 x 6312 | or email

Happy Hanukkah everyone!

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