Thursday, December 2, 2010

Getting Bac 2 Fashion

Written by: Dave Goodman

2.5 years ago, Jen Weisz & Jordan Morra came to the UJA offices at Lipa Green Center with a plan to make an impact through fashion.  Today, we have 4 new volunteer chairs and over 26 young Jewish adults sitting on a volunteer committee to help transform the lives of vulnerable Jewish seniors through our 3rd annual charity dance/fashion show in June 2011.

What is 'BAC 2 FASHION'?

Well the 'BAC' is a play on words for 'back'.  We are looking 'back' so to speak.  But since the initiative was founded by two Birthright Israel Alumni Community leaders, we scooped the acronym BAC and threw the '2' in there (meaning 'to') and the rest is history.  Funky stuff huh?  Thanks.

B2F 2011 Concept
If you happened to catch HBO's 'Shmatta' two part series last spring, you would learn all about the integral role that Jewish immigrants had in the garment sector in the 20th century.  We owned the runways, we ran the sweatshops, we schlepped the goods...North American fashion at at it's core had Jewish influence on it everywhere you looked.  In many ways, it still does today.  From designer brands run by Joseph Mimran (JOE Fresh) or Ralph Lipshitz (Lauren) to up and coming break out clothing designers like Jay Godfrey and Erin Kleinberg, Jewish influence in the fashion industry is still thriving! 

So for 2011, we decided to roll with the concept of looking BAC on Jewish influence in fashion and recognizing the efforts of the Jewish pioneers in the industry, while showcasing the incredible Jewish talent coming out of Toronto today.

B2F 2010 Promo @ Six Degrees Nightclub (by: Corbin Visual).
I think what makes B2F a significant volunteer outlet in our community is the tie-in we are trying to facilitate with the cause.  Since we are looking back on fashion and recognizing the great Jewish pioneers in the industry, it is the very same people that form the 'seniors' demographic.  In Toronto alone, by 2011 they estimate that almost 30,000 people will be categorized as 'seniors', 20% of which live below the poverty line.  Another staggering finding is that almost 1/3 of these individuals are Holocaust survivors.

BAC 2 Fashion net proceeds ($35,000+ was raised in 2010) will go towards UJA Federation of Toronto Seniors initiatives that provide amazing services to this vulnerable sector of our Toronto Jewish community.  From providing basic necessities, to facilitating the social opportunities that will keep our seniors out of isolation and depression, BAC 2 Fashion committee members will be living the cause and volunteering with Jewish seniors throughout the year leading up to the event and hopefully beyond.  How's that for a tie-in?!
So we have our hands full and we have super strong Volunteer Chairs for 2011, so without any further ado, here are our ladies with the plan:

Jess Taylor, 2010 Co-Chair & 2011 Volunteer Co-Chair
Raquel Binder, 2011 Volunteer Co-Chair
Lisa Steele, 2011 Volunteer Co-Chair
Julie Goldstein, 2011 Volunteer Co-Chair
Stay tuned for more updates on who else will be showcased in this great event and how we are trying to change a few lives with our efforts in the Jewish seniors community across Toronto (Bathurst St.).

Happy Chanukah!!

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