Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Adam our Intern and the Minyan of Oscar Winners

Written by: Alana Kayfetz

Adam Gurza is the current intern with UJA's Community Connect. Adam has just returned from spending 5 months in Israel. While living there, Adam was an active volunteer at the Bialik-Rogozin school in Tel Aviv. This school was the subject matter of the Oscar winning short documentary " Strangers No More" directed by Karen Goodman and Kirk Simon.

Adam- the Intern
According to JPost , "The 40-minute American film about South Tel Aviv's diverse Bialik-Rogozin School focuses on the sagas of three foreign, non-Jewish pupils – Esther from South Africa, Mohamed from Darfur and Johannes from Eritrea. The film shows how the school has taken kids from all backgrounds, with the most tragic histories, and given them a new life in a humane environment where race, religion and nationality don’t matter".

The Jewish connection to this year's acedemy awards was overwhelming: According to JTA, they refered to this year's Oscars as the Minyan of Jewish Talent -Here  is the article that ran on Feb 28, 2011 "Jewish talent shines at 2011 Academy Awards"

With Summer creeping in, we hope you become inspired by the shimmer of hollywood, the Jewish connection to the Oscars and, of course Adam the Intern! If you want to make a difference and volunteer in Israel or other parts of the world in a Jewish way, please contact Jodi Katzeff jkatzeff@ujafed.org 416 398 6931 ext.5382.

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