Monday, March 7, 2011

Nuit Blanche Hot Spots

By: Dean Medina 

Once a year hundreds of thousands of Torontonians hit the streets for the Nuit Blanche Festival where hundreds of artistic and exciting exhibits (not always) adorn the city.  

Since 2003 Tel Aviv hosts it’s own Nuit Blanche called Layla Lavan (White Night) which fits in nicely with it being the “White City,” (due to the high concentration of over 4000 Bauhaus buildings) celebrating its UNESCO world heritage site status. Parties, concerts and markets go on all night!

THIS YEAR Layla Lavan migrates west to Toronto on Sunday March 13th at ON THE ROX nightclub. Nuit Blanche Israeli Style- music, art and partying!!! 

For tickets and info click HERE !!! 

White Night festivals began in St Petersburg where in the summer the sun sets only at 10 at night and where the twilight lasts all night (therefore no complete darkness, giving it the name) which began after World War 2 giving people all over the world an excuse to party all night, see some cool things and most importantly to get wasted. 

Not that my opinion counts but here are my Top 5 white night cities in the world... enjoy!:

Tel Aviv

Arts, culture, and PARTY!!!


First city outside of Russia to host the festival

But of course... :) 


Had to throw it in... Although it has been sucking for the past few years and there is not a single parking spot to be found in the city, Nuit Blanche has attracted nearly a million people each year since 2008 - amongst the highest in the world. 


It's ROME, how can Notte Bianca not be cool! Surrounded by thousands of years of the most incredible architecture in the world... this is definitely one of the top festivals.

Malta (Valletta) 

Nuit Blanche inside a fortified city= AWESOME 

Couldn't find a video for it but it's gotta be good. Here is a tourism video for your enjoyment :) 

Notable Mentions:

Due to a technicality I can’t put this in my top 5 (it’s under the category of all night museum nights). Would have been my first choice, the Dutch are amongst the best organized people in the world and having been there for their Museum night I know the Dutch know how to throw an unbelievable party/festival. 


First Canadian city to take on Nuit Blanche.

Lima, Seoul, Chicago, Santa Monica
All new to the white night festival phenomena, but all look fantastic.

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