Wednesday, March 16, 2011


By: Dean Medina 

Halloween’s easy- throw a sheet over yourself and you’ve got yourself a costume, but what about when it comes Purim Time?



Yankel the crazy  dancing town Jew?

Booooooorrrriiing  (Although Yankel is pretty awesome)

Wanna be the center of attention come Saturday? Check these out:

1. Jesus

He was Jewish after all! And it's easy to do. 

2. Dress up in bad taste

Purim is the perfect time! Grab those spandex, gel back your hair, or dress up as Lady Gaga or Snooky. 

Halloween isn't the only occasion! 

3. Neil Patrick Harris

Because he's Neil Patrick Harris... 

4. Jewerine? 

ummm... Creativity points? 

5. Dana International

Bummed that you can only dress up as a woman on Halloween? Here's your solution... that's right, she's a dude.

And there you are! 5 (not so) Great ideas for Purim! 

Join Community Connect and Hillel of Greater Toronto this Saturday night where we are throwing a HUGE Purim Bash @ the Annex Wreck Room.

For more info and tickets CLICK HERE

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