Thursday, July 21, 2011

Capture Series: Erin Chesney, Photographer inspired by March of the Living

By Yehezkel Lipinsky 

Erin Chesney is a fantastic photographer. I have used her for many of my own projects and I enjoy her work immensely. I asked her to contribute to our Capture Series: a focus on young Jewish photographers. Here is what she has to say: 

"In the spring of 2009, just prior to venturing on an experience of a lifetime, the March of the Living, I attended a photography seminar organized by Danny Richmond and led by a fantastic photographer, Yuri Dojc.  Although I was not a huge photography fanatic, I really wanted the pictures that I would be taking in Poland and Israel to properly represent the strong emotions that I knew I was bound to feel.  Yuri explained to us that on a trip like this, we were not to be tourists who snap a thousand pictures a minute, without thinking.  Rather, we were to tell a story in each picture we took.  These words resonate with me to this day and the pictures that I brought home with me from those emotional two weeks were not only breathtaking, but helped me discover that I had a true passion for photography.

Since then, I have tried to stay true to Yuri's advice and with ever picture I take, I try to tell a story.  Some of these stories include that of the incredible children at the JCC's Centre Camp, the wonderful events that have taken place at Tannenbaum CHAT and a variety of worthy charities that continue to inspire me.  As well, my photography has allowed me to capture the stories of my own family and friends; prom, graduation, recitals, birthdays are all occasions that I am proud to enrich with my pictures.  I am also grateful to have had the opportunity to showcase my pictures in yearbooks, newsletters and school newspapers.

I love photography and the ability to capture the amazing stories that are in our community." 

Erin's work is incredible. Her story showcases how incredible she is and her spirit and enthusiasm is reflected in all the work she does. 

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