Friday, July 22, 2011

Shame on us? The top 3 Jews in the world today making us look bad!

By: Dave Goodman

Now is it just me, or for every time you hear about high profile Jew getting booked on criminal acts you cringe?  I cringe for multiple reasons.  Firstly, the world has a tendency to hold our people to a higher standard, so naturally, the 'people of the book' cannot be the ones committing egregious illegal activity right?  Second, the efforts of so many Jews to help remedy the world of so many injustices are  overshadowed by the negligent behaviours of a select few.  Last, if you are a Jew in a position of great power, how can you be so stupid to jeopardize the opportunity you've been given?  

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Head of the International Monetary Fund made global headlines after being charged with brutal sexual assault of a hotel maid in 2011.
Every culture and ethnicity has stereotypes that characterize their people to a certain degree, but only someone's ignorance and bigotry will perpetuate these stereotypes.  Is it part of our sociological mindset to categorize an entire people by the acts of a select few?  Are all Muslims potential terrorists?  Are all Catholics anti-Abortion or anti-Gay marriage?  Are all Jews greedy and untrustworthy?  Certainly not!  But it is hard to defend a people when the selfish and vile acts of these select few people are coupled with stereotypes that tarnish an entire people's image.

Moshe Katsav, the 8th Israeli President was convicted of 2 counts of rape in 2010.
The Moshe Katsav rape case was an amazing response by the Israeli justice system that spoke on behalf of all Jews that we will not tolerate such disgusting acts regardless of one's position in society.  This was definitely a statement, however, one of the worst criminal acts, rape, was committed by one of Israel's most powerful people...not good.

Bernard Madoff, former financial advisor plead guilty to 11 Federal felonies  and sentenced to 150 years in prison in 2009 after his Ponzi scheme stole billions from charities, philanthropists, friends and clients that trusted him for years. 

The Kingpin of causing shame to our Jewish people and setting the stereotype back hundreds of years in my personal opinion would have to be Madoff.  His multi-billion dollar ponzi scheme will go down in history as the largest case of fraud by any one individual.  Why did that individual have to be Jewish?!

When I look back to all the Jewish criminal acts of my lifetime, these 3 stand out as receiving the most global attention and condemnation.  Feel free to comment about other instances where a Jew MISrepresented our people with their lunacy.  Good riddance. 

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