Monday, July 4, 2011

Mac Miller & Drake speak about Birthright

by Adam Gurza

If you ask your friends who two of the biggest names in the rap industry are right now, most likely you will get these two names in your answer: Mac Miller and Drake.

Now why are these guys relavent to today and now? Because just a little while ago both were tweeting about Birthright Israel and going to Tel Aviv to perform a show. I am not sure how serious both of them were in regards to going to Tel Aviv to have a "Sound clash" as Mac Miller quoted in his tweet, but they are both open about being Jewish.

Both have been heard speaking about their Judaism. Mac Miller has said that he celebrates the high holidays, had a Bar Mitzvah, and he said in an interview with Shalom Life that Judaism is his culture, and his family.

Drake has also been interviewed about his Judaism and speaks about reading his Torah portion and wearing his kippah during his Bar Mitzvah. Drake also celebrates his Judaism and has talked about how he practices the holidays of Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashana. 

Recently however, Mac Miller tweeted at Drake saying "@drakkardnoir im the best jewish rapper not you!!! (evil villain laugh)"

Drake then responded by saying "@MacMiller Haaaaaa...s*&@ like this can only be settled in Tel Aviv. Birthright sound clash.

Finally, Mac Miller ended the conversation with "@drakkardnoir i never took advantage of birthright... Tel Aviv here i come"

These two sure did stir up some fun and got people talking if they were really going to be performing in Tel Aviv after there has been talk that each person would like to work with one another. 

Drake and Mac Miller at Mega Event T.O.? Hopeful Dreaming. 

Links: Drake Interview with Heeb Magazine (disclaimer: there is swearing in the interview.)

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