Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Israel is a hotbed of Inspiration for American television

By Yehezkel Lipinsky 

We usually think that the world revolves around American Pop culture. Now, the Top 40 in America might have its hits playing in every country but even America needs its inspiration. And as the Wall Street Journal reports, the inspiration for American television is Israeli television. Many television shows currently on TV on in development are inspired by Israeli shows. Traffic Light a comedy which premiered this year (and was unforturnately cancelled as well) was based on the Israel show, Ramzor (traffic light). Ramzor is about three different men in three different stages of their relationship with their partners. Each one of them likes going back to a more “primordial guydom” as the Wall Street Journal calls it.


 Showtime is producing Homeland, another show based on Israel’s Hatufim, a show about three Israeli soldiers who finally return home after being prisoners of war in Syria for seventeen years. For the US version, CIA agent, Claire Danes is introduced and the prisoner of war was taken hostage in 2003 in Iraq. Israeli shows have been picked up in the past like HBO’s In Treatment which has its origins in the Israeli show, Be Tipul. Israel has a small market for television shows. Avi Nir, chief executive of one of Israel’s largest television companies worked to bring Israeli shows to the US market. But Israeli TV has become top notch, with Israeli producers accrediting that to the judgemental nature of Israeli society. "Socially speaking, Israelis are very, very judgmental," Nir said. Top notch quality is demanded. But, Judaism also seems to be the close connector with Hollywood executive and Israeli writers. The Jewish Federation of Los Angeles has taken some TV executives to Tel Aviv. As 24 executive producer, Howard Gordon said, “"Whatever culture of storytelling that might be specific to Jews and made them prominent in Hollywood makes it understandable that 8,000 or 9,000 miles away a lot of Jews in a small place would be good storytellers”. American television has taken foreign creations before, most notably from Britain but now Israel seems like the prime inspiration for writers. Ben Silverman, former co-chairman of NBC Universal remarked, “"It feels very much like a 51st state”. Israel is really on the rise in television.

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Article source: Wall Street Journal 

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  1. Crude propaganda production is outsourced along with everything else. China gets the export of our manufacturing jobs and the cheap goods produced over there are imported back over here for consumption.
    Israel (perhaps Britain to a lesser extent) gets the outsourcing of TV "fictional" propaganda production - which is also shipped back here for consumption by the dumbed-down herd.
    Its certainly consistent in the sense that both are outsourced.