Thursday, November 11, 2010

Best of NOLA- a reflection

Drinking in the streets?

Maybe it was the thousands of Jewish people walking the streets. Or maybe it was a city's essence of surviving tragic times. Maybe it was the drinking in public. Or maybe it was the crowded streets of the French Quarter, a throw back to the old city of Jerusalem- It all felt like home. If  you want to see something new without traveling too far from home, make New Orleans your next stop. Here is a report of the best things about New Orleans and the GA of 2010.

Best Celeb siting:

Howie Mandel

The best speech:
Michael Oren

Best Food:

Cuvee, New Orleans on Magazine St

Best Drinks:
- Hand Grenade

$8 a pop. will last the night!

Best Music:
- Anything on Frechman Street

Blue Nile

Crazy Scene:
- Bourbon Street

There is a crowd all year round

Best Dessert:
-Cafe Du Monde

These are Kosher! Don't wear Black!

Best Purchase:
- Red TOMS!

Too cute for words!

People- A special Thank you to these fine ladies that made my New Orleans experience one of a kind!

Best Mentor:

Janis Roth

Favorite reunion Friend:

Linda Kerzner

Favorite new friend: Photo not found :(

Robyn Goldberg

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