Friday, November 12, 2010

Top 5 Hottest Jew Celebs (Ladies)

By: Dave Goodman

Everybody loves celebrities, celebrity blogs, paparazzi, all that crap.  Yeah, I said it, its pure crap, but its all the rage.  I admire the celebrities acting skills, I admire when they stick their face on an important cause to create awareness and funds, and I admire their looks.  Otherwise, they are as boring as you and I.  I wonder how many of the following will ever read this post?  Hopefully my top three will find it, surely my 4th or 5th pic will find their way to TO to rep a cause, plant a tree, give out the game ball...but I digress.  Onto Goodman's top 5 hottest Jewish celebs:

5) Emmanuelle Chriqui
She has locked in a bigtime role in HBO's worst show 'Entourage', she stole our hearts in Adam Sandler's 'Zohan' as the Palestinian stylist, and she attended a JUMP event three years ago.  She hails from Montreal and spent formative years in Richmond Hill.  Big time score for Canada, Jews and E.

4) Mila Kunis
I fell in love with her role in 'that's 70's show', was still attracted to her as the voice of Meg on 'The Family Guy' and had trouble breathing throughout her role in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' when she fell for fellow member of the tribe - Jason Segal's character.  Her eastern Europeon Jewry is irresistible.

3) Jamie Lynn Sigler
She went on Taglit two years ago.  She is down to earth.  She didn't act like a pre-madonna celeb on the trip (other than insisting on upgrading her coach ticket to first class), but did some nice PR for our wonderful Taglit Birthright-Israel afterwards.  She's sizzling and looks Italian making her more sizzling due to believed 'shicks-appeal'.  

2) Sarah Silverman
Now I'm not sure if it's her humour or the fact that her looks get outplayed by the ridiculousness that comes out of her mouth, but this proud Jewish comedian is filthy, and we love it!  She probably puts our entire race in hot water on a bi-monthly basis with hugely successful viral videos or network tv cameos, but when she wants to turn heads, she has no problem.  

1) Natalie Portman
Was there any doubt?  I'd say about 95% of Jews will agree that she holds court for hottest Jewish Celeb.  She reaffirms that Israel is the greatest country in the world, easily Israel's best export to the U.S.  Her eyes cut diamonds and cut through my heart.  As Wayne Campbell of 'Wayne's World' says: 'She will be mine...oh yes...she will be mine'... And now we break out into Garth Algar's 'Dreamweaver' song. 

Goodman's Criteria for rank:
  • Proximity to A-List
  • Proudly Jewish
  • Aesthetics

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