Friday, November 12, 2010

Hitting the wall...

              Written by: Shira Webber

Sitting here thinking about what I was going to blog about next I realized that what you have to say is likely more interesting then what I have to say.  I have decided for this post I am hitting the wall, your facebook wall with questions and I'm going to quote your responses here.

Below are your quotes from today's question; (feel free to check chat on said walls for back and forth banter associated with each quote.

Seeing that this is my first time hitting your walls with questions to what I envision becoming a "hitting the wall" blog series,I started off with a light question; "Which Jewish "celebrity" in your opinion  is currently making the biggest waves in the media or spotlight, for good or bad."

Here is what you had to say:

1. Darren Riber - "biggest wave would have to go to Zac Efron (yes he is of Jewish ancestry) as he caught some huge waves surfing in in his recent trip to Hawaii."

*Effron Catching Waves - Click Here

2. Loren Bornstein - "aharon glasser.......duh"

3. Shoshana Allen -  "Mark Zuckerberg a millionaire, star character in an oscar-bound flick, controversial but key role in the biggest thing to happen to the world since the the invention of the plastic thing on the end of shoelaces (and by that I mean facebook), epitomizes the aesthetic stereotype: "jew-fro", and he's a philanthropist...."

4. Jonathan Shurgold- "There are Jews in the media? I think Judd Apatow has had the biggest impact on today's media just by bringing a fresh new comedy style to hollywood. With movies like Superbad and more recently Get Him To The Greek, he has shown that his sense of humour is just what toady's generation wants to see."


5. David Broudie- "Adam Sandler and his Chanukah song." 


6. Shlomo Buzaglo- "shlomo buzaglo"

7.  Elliot Sokolsky - "That's a tough one. No one really comes to mind right now. Personally I don't think we should be making a lot of waves right now, what with Mel Gibson free and on the hunt."

8.Steven Kraft- " Seeing as Justin Beiber isn't Jewish...I would have to say Canadian entrepreneur Dov Charney.

The American Apparel Founder & CEO has been in the spotlight a lot recently for both bad and good.

The media has focussed a lot on the numerous sexual harassment charges he has been subjected to. Another big news item is the fact that

American Apparel has also amassed substantial debt and could very well file for bankruptcy.

On the flipside praise has been handed to him for not outsourcing AA's manufacturing labour by producing all clothes in downtown LA, It's a truly amazing feat for a huge company to go against the current trend of manufacturing products in Asia and exploiting cheap labour.

What stands out though is that fact that everyone seems to respect his entrepreneurial spirit."

Did we forget anyone?

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  1. Hi Shoshana Allen, my friend is unsure of his Jewdom and wants confirmation. He is currently circumcised and has a basic understanding of which direction Yiddish is written. Also if he may, can he send text messages to your Jewish equivalent to a Pastor. Thanks, Bye.