Thursday, November 4, 2010

In honour of Movember - The top 5 Jewish Moustache Wearers

By: Dave Goodman

So in honour of one of the most fantastic charitable marketing campaigns I have seen in the past decade, Prostate Cancer Canada is getting my own personal rendition of creating awareness via this blog post.  Aside from the incredible stache I rocked in our CJN feature on H4I 2009, the following moustaches have transcended all forms of social awkwardness, creep-like nature, or slick rick status of Jewish upper lip presence.  In other words, the following Yids have done us all proud with their noserugs.

5.  Weird Al Yankovitch
Ok, so maybe they are creepy.

4. Groucho Marx
That's a given...

3. Al Einstein
Josh Howard eat your heart out

2. Ron Jeremy
Y'all just got shivers eh.  The guy wears it like a champ.

1. Eli Cohen
If you know him, you love him.  If you don't...ask Steve Glowinsky

Honourable Mention:
His character is Jewish to me at least...Great call Hartsman;)

Best of luck to all my friends raising awareness and funds for such an 
important cause in the lives of fellow brothers from all mothers!

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