Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm looking for someone who is....

Two years ago, I staffed a birthright trip that consisted of 34 girls and six guys. My first thought when I was told I was staffing this trip was that it was likely going to be a hormonal nightmare...34 girls with one bathroom at rest room breaks...not really my idea of a bag of laughs. Surprisingly today, I can say with confidence after leading several more trips over the years that this was one of my favorite trips ever.

I remember thinking while on that trip that it was almost as though each girl there was hand selected: they all seemed so talented, intelligent, funny, beautiful  and single to boot. On trips there afterwards when guys would tell me they were disappointed with not meeting anyone on their trips, or that all the girls on their trips were in relationships, I would immediately think about this "all girls" trip and how much these guys would have loved to have been on that bus. Now, it does need to be said that the six males who were on this bus were also amazing. They were so amazing that they were for the most part already off the market and taken making what other males would have considered  a dream ratio of 34:6  not something that really mattered to these guys, noneheless they were a great group of guys that were dealt a hand that many other males would likely refer to as their birthright dream.

Looks like a room full of girls to me...
Why am I bothering to tell you this? Well because I realize now that this was the trip that fueled my match making fire... where I became a full time Jewish community professional and part time shitach (match) maker. If these guys were hoping to meet a Jewish girl to take home to mom and dad  and didn't meet her on thier own buses, there was no reason why they shouldn't have an opportunity to meet some of these ladies from other buses, including the ladies from this trip, whom I have been known to refer to as, "the all-star 34". Who better than to introduce them than me?

To date I have introduced eight couples. EIGHT REAL COUPLES....who seem to think that they otherwise may not have met if I hadn't introduced them. This you can never know for sure - it is possible the stars could align and paths could cross with out the help of cupid's arrow, but why leave it to fate when it is possible I may have already met him or her for you? With that being said, you should know I am not saying all this in an attempt  to toot my own horn; it is actually the opposite...What I am saying is that with all the people I meet you shouldn't be shy to ask me if i know anyone for you...because I might just know the one.

Just one of the ladies of the all star 34 ...and her boyfriend who was on a different trip I staffed months earlier...

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