Monday, November 1, 2010

The New Purple and White

By: Dean Medina

Now with the Raptors losing pretty much any hope for any form of success this upcoming 2010-11 NBA season- having been abandoned by their star player and some unwise offseason decisions by management- it looks like it will take many years before they gain any semblance of a decent team.

I will ALWAYS be a Raptors fan, I have been from the very beginning, but I think this time around I’m going to need something to dull the pain a little instead of drudging through another season of what could’ve been. This time instead of pulling out my hair I’m going to be turning my attention to a young and exciting team that really caught my interest last season with their athleticism and dynamic play: The Sacramento Kings.

At the center of this team is the first Israeli player ever to play in the NBA, small forward number 18 Omri Casspi. Averaging 10 points and 4 rebounds last year, Casspi surprised many around the league.  At 6 foot 9 and 225 pounds, Casspi is extremely versatile, has a solid jump-shot and is solid defensively (thanks to his length, strength and athleticism). Surrounded by some incredible young talent - Tyreke Evans, Samuel Dalembert and DeMarcus Cousins - Casspi is sure to be a highlight this year in the NBA forming into a star of the league and will be central this year to the Kings success.

Casspi is an incredible addition to any team and will only get better. Unfortunately not everyone in Sacramento is too happy with his presence despite his unique skill set, talent and friendly personality. TWICE in September Casspi’s face has been defaced on a public mural of the Sacramento Kings with a swastika. Seriously, if you don’t want him Sacramento, we’ll gladly take him.

Get ready on Saturday January 9th when Casspi and the Kings come to town and don’t be too surprised when the majority of the fans are in purple instead of the Raptor’s red bearing Israeli and maccabi Tel-Aviv gear.  

Season begins October 27th for the Sacramento Kings against the Minnesota Timberwolves. 

Don’t miss it! 

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